How To Make Money From Art Blackjack 

During the 1990s, a group of mathematics students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) famously focused their superior intellectual energies on a very special extracurricular activity: gambling – specifically blackjack (similar to poker). popular list in Vietnam). They realize that blackjack is the only game where they can beat the casino. So this group of students, whose members rotated over the years, regularly visited Las Vegas.

A casino game where you can get rich without having to be a card master like in classic Hong Kong movies, or a person with superhuman intelligence.

With blackjack and the ability to count cards, you can easily gain an advantage in the casino. Unlike what people think, counting cards is not illegal at all. However, it is still strongly opposed in casinos. Because no tycoon enjoys seeing his mountain of money threatened.

Get familiar with the game

Get familiar with the game

Learn basic strategy of Balackjack

First, you cannot count cards effectively if you do not understand the pros and cons of basic blackjack strategy. Obviously you can still count cards, but it won’t help you win anything. Don’t learn to run before learning to walk.

If you plan to count cards at a casino, it’s best to practice there. Other than the dinner table, there are countless factors happening at the casino that 90jili are forced to consider – such as hiding the fact that you are fooling people.

When you play blackjack with a clever strategy, you will reduce the house’s advantage to almost zero. Every game in the casino is beneficial to the house and so this is a positive number for you! 

Make blackjack as easy as breathing

With blackjack, be a machine, making the best choice in just a few seconds. No need to open the book, turn over the notebook, nor need an extra second to think, practice so you can play even when blindfolded or handcuffed.

Knowing the game like the back of your hand is the only way you can make money. Counting cards only gives a one percent advantage. If you bet 2 million VND, it will be 20,000 VND. The only way for this 1% to bring billions in the bank is to turn it into a true art.

Get familiar with the concept of card counting

The general strategy here is the Hi-Lo (High-Low) strategy. The high hand is assigned a specific value (-1) and so is the low hand (+1). When accumulated, we obtain the cumulative value. That is all. The more you simplify things, the less your brain will be overloaded, and therefore, consider this simplicity a good thing.

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Understand why card counting is effective. That’s because high cards (ten) increase your chances of winning blackjack and winning at a 3:2 ratio. They also increase the likelihood of the dealer being “squawked”. On the other hand, low cards are not good for the player (who wants to blackjack and beat the dealer) but are good for the dealer (helping them avoid getting hit with a score of 16 or less).

Use the Hi-Lo strategy in Blackjack

Use the Hi-Lo strategy in Blackjack

Understand how it works in Blackjack

If the ratio of high cards to low cards is higher than normal (meaning there are still countless high cards left), the player can bet higher to win more when the cards are good. Players will keep this number to themselves – it tells them when and how much to bet or not to bet at all!

Good cards have a positive value. The higher the value, the more big cards there are left to play and the more you should bet.

Learn values

To keep track of the ratio of high cards to low cards (and thus know whether the cards are in favor or not), you need to assign cards with a value. Start at 0 and work your way up, adding up to your count value.

Pieces 2 to 6 correspond to +1.

Pieces 7-9 have no value.

A card of 10 or more corresponds to -1.

Aces are also worth -1.

Learn how to place the right bets for your Blackjack

Increase the bet when the total value is positive (from +2 or more). The higher the total count value, the more you should bet, but remember that if the changes are too large between bets, you may become a target for the casino.

In general, it is recommended to increase the set value by one unit for each point counted. If you’re stronger than that, the radar will point right at you.

Know the statistics of each variant

Statistical analysis crunches all these numbers and they’re not as simple as: “Is it effective?”. Many factors are taken into consideration and calculated, including:

When taking bet correlation (BC) into account, Halves has the highest correlation coefficient. It is used to judge betting situations.

Hi-Opt II and Omega II have the highest efficiency index (PE). It affects decisions and errors (when switching from basic strategy) when playing.

Hi-Opt II has the highest guaranteed correlation (IC). It shows when is the best time to buy insurance (because Hi-Opt II adds Aces).

As can be seen, Hi-Lo is not mentioned. That’s because every factor is set in the middle. Hi-Opt II’s addition of Aces and Halves simply adds to player fatigue (increasing distractions) and the effectiveness of Omega II does not correlate with betting correlation. Unless you are the best blackjack player, focus on Hi-Lo.

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Camouflage in Blackjack

Camouflage in Blackjack

Act like a tourist

Card counters are famous for playing blackjack for hours on end, often without eating or enjoying any of the amenities available at the resort. Acting like a tourist who simply wants to have a good time at the casino will help you avoid suspicion.

Be inclusive. Pulling an Armani suit out of the closet wouldn’t be the right thing to do when starting a career counting cards at the local casino. Leave the Italian suede at home and act like a normal person.

*Gradually increase bets, if necessary.

Dealers are trained to shuffle the cards when there is an unusual increase in betting. So, only increase your bet by small amounts at seemingly random times during the hand.

It may seem like this advice goes against the grain of making money, but if thrown out the door, you won’t make anything. No, it’s not illegal. However, card counting is heavily frowned upon and you may be banned permanently.

Besides the article, pay attention to other things as well

That’s why we have to practice with TV, radio and a few noisy, muddy kids. If you pay too much attention to counting cards, your lips will move on their own and that is a deadly clue. Don’t hesitate, go get a glass of wine and chat with someone. Be comfortable.

Card counters are often known for “paying too much attention” to the game. They will stare at the cards while they all look at a beautiful woman. Don’t be that person.

You need to be so proficient at counting cards that you can converse with others. Talk to the dealer about their day. If the supervisor comes, talk to him too.

Bonus for the dealer

Most of them know how to count cards. If they like you, chances are that when they have good cards, they will wait longer and when they have bad cards, they will shuffle them earlier for you.

The dealer can help and also hurt you. Give them motivation. Same with all the supervising staff – get them on your side: maybe your not-so-horrible crime will slip under their radar.

Be aware of who is watching you.

At any given time, hundreds of cameras are operating in the casino along with the eyes of the dealer, the people behind the tables and the security guards. When you see a waiter serving a customer every 18.37 minutes, they will definitely pay attention to you. Therefore, behaving properly is extremely important.

If they suspect you are counting cards, the casino probably won’t come right out and tell you so. Perhaps they will let someone chat with you to distract you, assign dealers faster, shuffle cards arbitrarily or change betting rules. If any symptoms appear, immediately withdraw from the game.

Do everything slowly

When you get to the table, stay there for a moment. Why did you leave? And when making a decision, stop for a second to consider. Regular blackjack players don’t spend the previous three months studying the cards. All you need now is a nonchalant and natural look.

Don’t jump from table to table every time the cards are not good. Casino staff will quickly notice you. Bet the minimum until the cards get better. Increase your bets naturally: bet more because you’re doing well, not because you know what’s coming.

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